Production time 6 weeks


We make special wedding dresses that are just for you. Each dress is unique and it shows off your style

Create a wedding dress that embodies your unique style

Designing your own dress should be an exciting and worry-free experience. With a vast array of fabrics, laces, and colors to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. We believe that this should be the most enjoyable aspect of your wedding planning. Take a look at our recent reviews to see how we make this process enjoyable for our clients.

Why go custom?


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Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to provide a personalized experience at prices comparable to off-the-rack options.
Price range: $1490-$5000
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Your dress

With our customizable options such as neckline, lace, and color, we ensure a personalized experience. Our meticulous process involves sketching your dream dress
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Our inclusive and transparent process ensures peace of mind every step of the way, making designing with us a fun experience
  • Full time support
  • high-quality fabrics
  • 6 weeks production time
  • express delivery
  • Full time support
  • high-quality fabrics
  • 6 weeks production time
  • express delivery
  • Full time support
  • high-quality fabrics
  • 6 weeks production time
  • express delivery

Before / After

You will receive a dress on our website that perfectly matches the designer's original sketch and your references.
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How it works?

Experience the joy of a personalized wedding dress at our exclusive wedding atelier, where stress melts away and fun takes center stage.

Step 1 - Get ready to dive into the world of personalized design

Our virtual consultation is the perfect chance to chat with one of our expert designers, ask all your burning questions, and get some serious style inspo. Best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. No pressure, no commitments - just a free and easy 20-minute call. Let's make your custom design dreams come true!

STEP 2 - Immerse yourself in our exclusive custom design process.

To get started, we require a $150 deposit. Our experienced design team will collaborate with you to refine every aspect of your dress design. We will help you select the finest fabric and lace options, while ensuring that the structure of your dress is perfectly crafted.

And that's just the beginning - the real fun begins when our talented designers bring your vision to life with a custom sketch. This personalized sketch is not only a treasured keepsake, but also allows you to envision your dream gown with all the elements beautifully intertwined.

step 3 - Experience the Magic: From Dream to Dress

At our wedding atelier, we value your involvement throughout our design process, even though it's conducted remotely. Throughout the production phase, we offer a glimpse behind the scenes of our workshop, where your dress is meticulously crafted. You'll be able to view progress photos of the neckline, silhouette, lace placement, and intricate ruching and pleating details. Rest assured, all these elements will undergo thorough review and approval by you.

Before / After

We meticulously inspect the details during the sketch stage to ensure the dress perfectly aligns with the drawing for the final result.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I order a wedding dress?

We find immense joy in creating designs that bring happiness and fulfillment to women, and wedding dresses are the epitome of that sentiment. There's no better moment for a woman than her wedding day, and that's precisely why we offer a wide range of wedding dresses that cater to every body type in our atelier.

Dresses for every occasion

Discover a stunning collection of evening dresses and cocktail dresses for every imaginable occasion at our store. From bridesmaid dresses to prom dresses, gala dresses, maternity dresses and more, we have the perfect dress to make you feel phenomenal and feminine. Choose from a wide range of maxi, midi, or mini dresses.

Custom wedding dresses

Experience the perfection of personalized dresses. Discover our collection of ready-made wedding and evening dresses, or let us bring your dream dress to life with our custom-made designs. Every piece is crafted with the finest materials imported from Italy and France, ensuring unmatched quality. Handmade in our studio in the picturesque city of Marseille, each dress is a work of art. Elevate your style and make a statement with our exceptional creations.

How to order custom-made wedding dress?

1. It's simple! If you love our dress but want to make some changes, just send us a private message, and we can talk about the project details.

2. Whether you have a specific design in mind or are inspired by a famous designer's dress, we've got you covered. Simply send us a private message with a photo of your dream dress and we will provide you with a personalized quote for your project.

3. If you have a dream dress in mind, we can bring it to life. Our team specializes in designing dresses from drawings and sketches. Get in touch with us to discuss all the details.


Explore the fabric options for your dress! Request free samples and simply pay for shipping.


Worried about the perfect fit for your dress? Rest assured, we provide detailed instructions to guide you through the measurement process. It's always a good idea to order a slightly larger size so that your local tailor can ensure a flawless fit. Don't fret, this is a standard practice for any custom-made dress order.

Details discussed what next?

Ready to move forward? Request a custom order today!

Once we've ironed out all the details, simply click the "Custom Order" button in our store. We'll then prepare your personalized listing, at which point you can make your payment and we'll get started on creating your order.

Stay informed about the creation process

Rest assured, we will provide regular updates on the development of your bespoke wedding or evening gown. Expect to receive photos and videos giving you a comprehensive look into every step of the creation process.

Free shipping

Once your dress is complete, we will carefully package it and ship it to the address you have specified. Rest assured, we only rely on the trustworthy DHL postal service for all our deliveries. You can expect to receive your order within 5 to 7 days, regardless of your location.

Bonus - Your wedding dress watercolor illustration

Capture the essence of your wedding dress with a personalized sketch! Created by me on luxurious, thick paper and hand-painted with delicate watercolors, this unique sketch is a heartfelt gift. Hang it on your wall as a cherished keepsake, always reminding you of the joyous moments spent preparing for your wedding celebration.


The following items can't be returned:

- Custom, personalized and tailored orders

- Digital downloads

- Items on sale or with using promo codes

- Express shipping fees

Additional fees and taxes

Please note that customs may charge additional fees based on your country of residence. The courier will inform you about any extra charges. It is important to understand that making the payment is a requirement for the delivery of your dress or product. The amount of tax, if applicable, is determined by the specific country or state in which you reside.