A tale of a custom made Freya dress for Elena

A tale of a custom made Freya dress for Elena
Every bride-to-be dreams of a bespoke wedding dress that will make her look and feel like a princess on her special day. Elena, like many others, embarked on a journey to create the perfect wedding dress that would be exclusive to her. After months of searching for the ideal design, Elena finally found the one that tugged at her heartstrings.
freya's wedding dress with flowers and birds with feathers, embroidered with beads and pearls
The Freya dress, a delicate pink floral dress with an embroidered corset, was exactly what she wanted. In this blog, we delve into the beautiful journey of creating Elena's bespoke Freya dress.
the bride is helped to button up her wedding dress with floral embroidery with birds and feathersHaving found the perfect version, Elena wanted to make some changes to it. She wanted the dress to be without a train and birds. At the first fitting, Elena and the designer made a conscious decision to shorten the dress to midi length.
sketch of a wedding dress for the bride
However, once they saw the dress without the delicate birds and their feathers, Elena realized that the dress lacked the romanticism she was looking for. The team decided to add them back into the dress and it instantly transformed into something magical.
lace bird embroidery with pearls, beads and feathersThe bodice and sleeves of the dress are made of Chantilly lace and complemented by a lace collar. The dress was additionally decorated with intricate embroidery depicting flowers and birds. Details of beads and pearls uniquely decorated the dress, giving it tenderness and femininity. The process of embroidering the Freya dress took several weeks, as all the patterns were very detailed.
Freya's wedding dress fittingElena's dress received additional personalization thanks to the belt. The belt was a great addition to the dress. It helped to tighten the waist and gave the dress the extra detail needed to make it stand out even more. The belt gave the dress an exclusive feel, making it one of a kind.
Freya's wedding dress fittingElena had several fittings to ensure that her dress was impeccably tailored and fitted perfectly. Every detail was taken into consideration, from the length of the dress to the way it flowed when she walked. Elena looked spectacular on her wedding day, all thanks to the attention to detail and care put into creating her breathtaking Freya dress.
the bride is standing in a garden dress in the palace with a bouquetThe process of creating a bespoke dress takes time, patience, and attention to detail. Elena's Freya dress was no exception. However, it all paid off on her wedding day when she looked like a princess walking down the aisle in her beautiful dress. Her bespoke dress was more than just a wedding dress.
bride in a wedding dress with a bouquet, holds the groom's hand and they look lovingly at each other
It was an embodiment of a journey, of love, and commitment. The Freya dress was an exquisite creation, unique to Elena, and will always hold a special place in her heart.
bride in wedding dress putting on shoes in hotel
Wedding date: July 2022
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