The Beauty of a Bride's Collaboration in Creating Her Dream Wedding Dress

The Beauty of a Bride's Collaboration in Creating Her Dream Wedding Dress
The search for the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task for every bride. It’s a process that must take into account various factors like personality, style, fabric, and comfort, among other things. However, when a bride takes an active part in the creation of her wedding dress, magic happens.
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She can express her desires and share her thoughts, making the perfect wedding dress more of a collaborative effort. At our bridal studio, we love it when brides share the vision for their dream dress and work with us to create something unique and special. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey of a bride's collaboration in creating her dream wedding dress.
wedding dress reference
The process of collaborating with a bride to create her dream dress is a beautiful journey. In one instance, a bride named Alika approached us with interesting references through which we studied her desired silhouette. We wanted to select materials that reflected her vision, so we paid special attention to the selection of materials.
wedding dress reference
Alika asked for a dress that was moderately closed, yet at the same time, a little transparent. To achieve this, we used a layer of semi-transparent netting of a milky color in two layers on the skirt. This maintained the elasticity necessary for the silhouette "fish” and gave the dress a more closed look.
discussion with the bride at the fitting of lace on the skirt of the wedding dress
The first fitting provided us with the opportunity to make the corset with silhouette lines and a waistline. We realized that the dress had an unusual way of fastening, as Alika requested a corset that could be tightened with lace and closed with buttons.
trying on a sparkling wedding dress fish
The lace on the train of the dress was laid out in a unique pattern resembling waves and decorated with flowers made of sequins. It was an unusual design feature but one that wowed the bride, and she was pleased to have contributed to this beautiful design. By taking an active part, Alika's vision was transformed into a dream dress.
with the bride we lay out the lace on the wedding dress
One of the benefits of working with the bride to create her dream dress is that she can choose how she wants to accessorize her wedding dress. With Alika's dress, we had several design options for the veil, from minimalistic ideas to lace layouts similar to the train.
wedding veil with glitter border
After considering the options, we decided on a neat border of sequins with flowers made of sequins. This feature created the perfect harmony between the dress and the veil without drawing attention away from the beautiful dress.
bride in a brilliant wedding dress fish with a long veil
The transformation from a simple dress idea into a dream dress is always magical. In Alika's case, the bride took an active part in laying out the lace on the skirt, bodice, and organza train. By collaborating, we created something that was uniquely hers and told her story. The beauty of collaboration is that the bride's dress is personal and different from any other bride's dress.
bride's preparations for the wedding, buttoning
Every bride deserves a dream dress for their wedding day. By working with the bride, sharing her ideas, and collaborating with her vision, we can make her dream dress come true. A dress that suits her style, personality, and comfort, turning what could have been a daunting task into a beautiful shared journey.
bride in a brilliant wedding dress fish black and white photo
Collaborating with a bride is not just a job. It is an opportunity to work together to create something beautiful and meaningful. And at the end of the day, when the bride expresses her delight and shares photos from her wedding, it’s the ultimate feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.
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Wedding date: July 2022
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