How Yulia Chose Her Perfect Wedding Dress with the Help of a atelier

bride in the arms of the groom and four friends
Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task that requires careful thought. You want to look stunning on the big day and feel confident in your dress. Julia had similar feelings, but her journey was made easier with the help of a professional stylist. In this article, we will tell you about how Yulia chose her wedding dress.
bride in tight wedding dress fishYulia didn't want to stress about choosing her wedding dress. She needed a professional stylist to help her through the process. When she reached out to us, we were ready to help. We arranged for a consultation and during the meeting, Yulia shared her vision for her wedding dress. After understanding her preferences, Yulia asked us to pick out several dresses for her, show her recommendations for each dress and describe her wishes in detail.
bride and groom in the evening lightFor the bride's morning dress, we designed a negligee with silk stripes along the bottom of the sleeve. We used beautiful floral lace that complemented the embroidery. This design was perfect for a relaxed and beautiful start to the wedding day.
morning of the bride, the bride in a peignoirThe painting gown was a slinky fit and flare dress with puffy gold colored sleeves. The texture of the fabric was a unique dune pattern. The bride looked beautiful and elegant and certainly impressed the guests.
Dress for painting, fitted style with puffy sleeves in gold color.For the wedding ceremony we designed a laconic dress of the silhouette "fish". This style is characterized by a perfect fit on the figure. As a material we chose milk crepe stretch, which is ideal for this silhouette of the dress. The dense and stretchy fabric allows the bride to look exquisite on her special day.
concise dress silhouette "fish"
As for the party, Yulia expressed her desire to have a short dress. As a material, we recommended silk taffeta, which looks beautiful in folds and gathers with a noble shine. The design of the evening dress turned out to be elegant, bold and perfect for dancing under the stars with family and friends.
bride in a short silk taffeta dressJulia's wedding dress journey was an incredible experience and the result was a range of unique and stunning gowns. Julia trusted her stylist to create something special and we were delighted to bring her idea to life. Each dress was for a different occasion, but they were all connected by color scheme, silhouette and flowing lines. We used warm tones of wedding jewelry and autumn leaves, which matched the fall theme of the celebration. 
bride in a tight dress
Julia was pleased with the result and we were happy to be a part of her special day. If you are planning your wedding, contact us and we will make your wedding dress journey unforgettable.
bride in a short taffeta dress

Wedding date: November 2021

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